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This memorial website is created in the memory of our one and only most beautiful  daughter Jessica Maree Cabral. Jess was born in Australia on September 11, 1990 & entered Heaven on July 02, 2006 (after a short illness) at the age of fifteen.  Jessie is loved by everyone who knew her. Jess' email address was purpleangel, purple being her favourite colour & angel describing her in probably the only word that can. She is our very own PURPLE ANGEL.  Jess lived amongst us in peace and grace. She taught us by example how to live our lives. We will love our beautiful Jess & will cherish the memories we have of her forever. 
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I know you are always with me,
As the days go by.
I can feel your spirit in my heart,
And I will never say goodbye.

Every night I look up to the sky,
And wish upon a star,
Wishing you were here with me,
While I wonder where you are.

 Every night I’ll make a wish
And one day it will come true.
The day my wish is granted
will be the day that I see you

The day when I see your pretty smile,
Is the day that I can once again say

“I love you”, It will be the day I have been waiting for,
The day you say: “I love you too”.

From Your Loving Brother Dan
© Copyright 2006








As we love you, so we miss you Jess
In our memory you are near.
Loved, remembered, longed for always,
Treasured with a love sincere.

You are where we cannot see you,
And your voice we cannot hear;
Yet we know you walk beside us,

Never absent, always near

We often sit and think of you Jess
When we are all alone,
For memory is the only friend,
That grief can call its own

Just thinking of the thoughtful things,
That you have said and done,
And loving you a little more,
Dear Jess, for each and every one

Wishing today as we wished before
That God could have spared you
many years more.
In our hearts your memory is kept.
To love, to cherish and to never forget


  Time may wipe out many things,
But this it wipes out never -
The memory of those happy days
When we were all together.





It’s been three years running since Jess left your side,
So lost and confused, you are still wondering why?
You search and you search just to discover,
The answers you seek, you will never recover.

I know its hard and we will still mourn
For your lovely Jess, oh so gracious and sweet,
Her love for her family can never be beat,
So wonderful in all she did,
From school work to house work,
And just being a kid.

You know her talent never went to waste,
From music to sport she was never a disgrace.
Pleasure and nobility is what I saw in Jess,
Every week when she danced her best.

Yvette, think back and remember, so many memories,
of course Jess was your only daughter
With your loving and caring heart
You need to be strong,
For your day as a mother is still here
For a little fan you hold so dear.

Don’t feel alone; you know you are not,
Everywhere you go, in all that you do
Miss Jessica Maree Cabral is right beside you
To help you, to guide you, because she knows you are in pain
To heal you and to show you, its okay to smile again.

By Krystal Smith
© Copyright 2009





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Tributes and Condolences
Happy birthday!   / Chantelle Cabral (Cousin)
Wish there was an edit button Jess lol. 26th birthday!! Not 24th. Could only imagine what kind of responsible, caring, beautiful young adult you would have been. An inspiration to all others sure. I love you so much. Oxox😘 💜💜💜
Happy Birthday   / Chantelle Cabral (Cousin)
Happy birthday my gorgeous girl! Can only imagine what we would have done to celebrate your 24th birthday when I had returned from Europe. There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss you and some how although your not here I love you more and m...  Continue >>
10 Years   / Jason NADGBTIDMY (Cousin)
How can 10 years go by so slowly and so quickly at the same time? How can it be 3650 days since I've seen you smile when I can still hear your laugh each day? How can it be 120 months since you've given me advice when every decision I make has your...  Continue >>
J'TAIME MY DWTL ........ LUAAFMBBG XOXO   / Mum X. X. X. X. (Mum)
"Hi My Darling Daughter the days are just flying yet at the same time it seems ever so slow, feels like I have been here forever without you, without hearing your sweet sweet voice, seeing your most beautiful smile, getting your precious loving ...  Continue >>
missing you   / Krystal Smith (friend)
A void i can never fill. Miss you so much. I know you look over me... my guardian angel. Thank you i love you so much. This hole that won't ever fill. I love you. I miss you. We all do.
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Her legacy
Jessica Maree Cabral's legacy to her family  
Jess was born on 11th September, 1990, very much loved & wanted daughter of Yvette and Gordon Cabral.

Jess delighted all her family with her chubby cheeks, her angelic nature and her air of assurance, whilst even at a tender age of 5, on her return from her first day at school she told her mother, "I am going to be a teacher" and she has been a teacher ever since.  Jess taught us how to apply ourselves diligently, to carry ourselves with dignity, to lend a helping hand and enjoy the simple things in life -- Jess loved reading, playing the piano, saxophone, dancing, bike riding, walks, staying up late, sleeping in, tv, more tv, computer and just being Jess!

As she grew into the elegant, brilliant girl we all came to know and love, she displayed an aura of gentleness, kindness and love; she was never boastful though she had ample to boast about! In year 9 she achieved the eight Academin Excellence Awards, which included Italian, her favourite.  Jess was chosen to recite an Italian poem at Melbourne University.  The staff and students could not believe that she was not even part Italian as both her pronunciation and accent were perfect. She won best speaker at an inter-school debating competition and won over 300 medals in callisthenics, which she loved with a passion.

Jess chose Purple as her favourite colour.
Purple is the colour of "Wisdom", "Truth" and "Divinity".
Jess more than displayed these virtues - she lived by them.

"Wisdom" - Jess was born brilliant and wise beyond her years.

"Truth" - this was evident in her every word and deed.

"Divinity" - Jess displayed this quality by her angelic nature, her kindness to everyone, her willingness to 'go the extra mile' to help, and the love she gave and received. Nothing was too hard or was too much trouble for Jess.

At her work experience which was for a week at a primary school, one of the little pupils could not write the number '2' but by the end of the week with Jess' help he was able to do so and for Jess - the smile on his face said it all!

Above all this Jess loved her whole family with all her heart and was so proud to be a part of us.

Jess had a special place in her heart for all her friends as they do for her. Jess and her friends shared many special memories that will be cherished forever. A real friend is hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.

All in all Jess gave and received Love in abundance and her Love leaves a warm glow in all the hearts she touched. 

Eulogy of Jessica Maree Cabral ~ 11 September 1990 – 2 July 2006  
This is Jess' Eulogy which was written & read by her cousin Jason at her Farewell Service:

This will be the hardest thing many of us will ever have to do, say farewell to a loved one whom we treasured dearly and who left us all too soon. 

Jessica Maree Cabral was born on the 11th September 1990, & entered Heaven on 2nd July 2006.  Jess is the loving daughter of Yvette and Gordon & precious sister to Dan Cabral whom he always called Desie.

Jess is a beautiful, intelligent, friendly, helpful person. She is perfect in so many ways, an angel among us. Her email address is 'purpleangel', purple being her favourite colour and angel describing her in probably the only word than can. She came down and lived among us, showing us every minute of every day how to live our lives and how to treat one another.

Jess is the smartest girl I knew and the smartest in her year level. She received eight awards last year across nine subjects. She achieved up to level 5 piano in her AMEB exams. She wanted to be a teacher when she finished school and only a couple of weeks ago completed her work experience at St Elizabeth’s Primary school. She had such a fantastic time teaching children as she had the patience and care to do so, and everyone there, teachers and children, absolutely adored her.

Jess loved to sleep. She would sleep right past lunch time…She wouldn’t get out of bed if she didn’t have to. When Yvette or Gordon would try and wake her up, she’d reply with “just 15 minutes more”. Every minute was beauty sleep, because when she’d finally get out of bed she was a little more beautiful than the day before even though that seems impossible.

Jess was always polite and well mannered. She didn’t like it when people would burp loudly, even though Dan and I would find it quite funny. Always thanked everyone for every little thing they did. Even when she was sick she still remembered her manners. Lying in the hospital bed, Jess was exhausted and half a sleep, the nurse went to wipe her face; Jess opened her eyes, looked at the nurse, smiled and said “thank you”. Words most of us use very rarely but she was able to use even if it meant using all of her strength.

One thing I love about Jess was her ability to make you feel special no matter what you were feeling inside. As soon as she would see you at a party, at home or at school she would greet you with her astonishing smile and a great big hug that just made you feel incredible.

Jess made the most of all of her opportunities in life, something many of us take for granted. She loved her callisthenics. She won so many awards and made heaps of wonderful friends.  She played basketball for a team which I coached, and although she never thought that she did much for the team, she still turned up to games and training and would try her best to do everything I told her. And even if I would yell out to her whilst she was on the court that she was doing something wrong, she would still turn to look at me and smile. Something I thought was just incredible.

It’s hard to think that Jess has moved on. Though it seems as though she has left us so soon, we need to remember all the wonderful moments we shared and the unforgettable memories that can never be taken. Jess is a loving daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend.  In her short time here with us, she touched the hearts of so many people with her beautiful laugh and her gorgeous smile.

Jess wherever you are watching and listening from, I want you to know that you have two parents that always loved and cared for you from even before you were born and will continue to for a long time to come. You have a cheeky little brother who loves you dearly, a whole family who are blessed to have been a part of your life and many friends who will hold your memory with them forever.

Even though Jess lived for fifteen years,  she will continue to live on through our memories of her.  So the next time you or your child says “Give me five more minutes of sleep”, think of Jess.  When you receive an award saying you’ve done a good job, think of Jess.  Someone says thank you for helping them with something, think of Jess.  When you’re feeling down and someone gives you a hug that just makes everything else seem so insignificant, think of Jess. When you walk into a room and someone’s smile catches your eye, think of Jess. By doing all of these things, Jess will live on inside the hearts of each one of us and her memory will last forever. That is what Jess would want and it is the least she deserves.

Love you Jess

Jess' Legacy By Her Best Friends - Yvonne, Andrea & Jackie  
Jessica Maree Cabral. A beautiful girl who left us too soon. She was the girl that everyone wanted to know, with a smile that is forever imprinted in our minds. A good hearted person such as Jess is one that can never be replaced. She is our 'Purple Angel' sent from above, who inspired all of us to be the best that we could be.

There are so many beautiful things about Jess that the list just goes on forever. She is the nicest person you ever met with the largest personality.’ She was sincere, funny, honest, passionate, loyal, lovable and overall perfect. For all those that knew Jess, she can never be forgotten.

Jess was and always will be our best friend. She loved, honored and respected us, so by writing this speech, we hope to do the same for her. We are very lucky to have met Jess in our lives and she will forever be apart of us. Even though Jess is among the angels in heaven, part of us has gone with her, meaning we will always be together.

Friendship is a precious gift that we all treasure deeply. It takes a long time to find true friendship or even a best friend. But we were all lucky to have found Jess, and now we have long lasting memories that will last eternity.

Jess is one of the sweetest girls to ever walk the earth. Every morning at school, we were definitely greeted by Jess' warm infectious smile. Memories such as these will always be cherished by us. Memories such as enjoying a rock concert, going shopping, eating at Pancake Parlor, watching movies or just simply being in each others company.

Jess is not just a distant memory, but is still truly alive inside our hearts. Her spirit is forever among us, as well as with her family of whom she dearly loved and appreciated.

Jessica is the loving daughter, sister, cousin, niece and granddaughter to her family. She had almost everything that a girl could ever want with a family that loved and supported her throughout her life, Every time we entered her house, Jessie's laughter and voice filled the atmosphere with love, happiness and warmth. She is Gordon & Yvette's bundle of pride and joy. For Dan and all her cousins she would be described as a person who was always there for them in happy, sad and funny times. Jessie deeply loved her family and we know she will cherish all the memories that they made together, just like we cherish the precious memories we have with her.

We truly believe that Jess is a lovely and cheeky girl, who was friendly to anyone who passed her through the corridor by unleashing her radiant smile.  She was a super all rounded talented person, who excelled in everything that she endeavored in.  She was academically excellent, socially apt and had a true passion with her sport, Calisthenics. Along the way, Jessie also met many wonderful friends through playing basketball.

Jessica Cabral, what else can we say, but that she was one of a kind. Everyone knew she was one special girl who inspired everyone to be themselves, to treasure every moment that we have and to not take anything for granted.

Jessica Maree Cabral will be forever sadly missed but forever loved.

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